We subscribed to the former Cape Law Society Pro Bono initiatives. And we adhere to the relatively new Legal Practice Council's calls to assist deserving (economically challenged) members of the public in this regard. Each attorney and candidate attorney in our firm renders a predetermined amount of pro bono (free for the good of the matter) services for needy members of the public who are referred to us by certain recognised structures, as well as for schools, churches, charity trusts.

Small Claims Court
Our directors are officially appointed Commissioners for the Small Caims Court, a court set up primarily for the needy members of society in an attempt to make justice accessible to all. The commissioners are the judges of this community type court. Director Sonja Labuschagne serves as the Chair of the local Small Claims Court Advisory Committee. Ettienne has served over years on the Department of Justice & Constitutional Development task teams and assisted with drafting of various Small Claims Court project materials including a manual for commissioners and one for Clerks of the Small Claims Court (who assist members of the public at the court counters when they are making claims or defeniding them.) He has also designed a Small Claims Court App.

Above as part of the slide show are the Commissioners and other staff of one of the local the Small Claims Courts. (The photo was taken in December 2012.)

Our Attorneys Have Rendered Over A Decade Of Services To Public And Private Educational Institutions such As Somerset West Primary School, Elohim Christian Academy And Young Eagles Christian Academy.

Law Society Structures
We Have Served The Profession In Different Capacities On Various Committees And Councils, Including The Legal Practice Council, Western Cape Provincial Council, The (former) Local Attorneys Circle, The Coastal Winelands Attorneys Association, The (former) Cape Law Society, The Law Society Of South Africa and The South African Attorneys Association. Above as part of the slide show are some of the Councillors of the (former) Cape Law Society. (The photo was taken in December 2012.)

Attorney Sonja Labuschagne currently (2020) chairs the Coastal Winelands Attorneys Association. Ettienne Barnard is a former chair of the Boland Overberg Circle 2 of the Cape law Society and also served the Cape Law Society as Vice-President for multiple terms. He was appointed as Co-Chair of the Law Society of South Africa for the 2014/2015 term and again for the 2018/2019 term. He was part of the task team which drafted various amendments to the LSSA Constitution in terms of which amongst other aspects, the former Co-Chairs were replaced by a President. His Co-Chair, Mvuzo Notyesi was appointed as the first President of the transformed Law Society of South Africa.

Family Law Presentation By Sonja Labuschagne

Presented for Social Justice Foundation

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Presented for Social Justice Foundation on 6 August 2020
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